Creative Citizen studios

Creative Citizen Studios (CCS) uses art to bring people of all abilities together. We work with artists with intellectual or developmental disabilities to make, exhibit, and sell their work. Our weekly art classes, workshops, and exhibit opportunities help promote our artists while connecting them with a larger community of artists.

We are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with Citizen-artists featured in local, regional, and national art shows and exhibit spaces.

The organization was established in 2013 and strives to serve this talented community of artists with a small team of artists, administrators and educators.

I think one of the main benefits has been the socialization - learning to do an activity our artist already loved in a group setting, instead of with a one on one teacher/ art therapist. We really like the design of the CCS art camps in the summer - the combination of artmaking, community outing and socialization is wonderful. The opportunity to spend extended time in one of the region’s museums or another institution is a real building block for our artist’s ability to participate in visiting those community institutions comfortably and happily in the future. It seems to me that visiting a place with the intention to create art really adds to the experience for him.”
— CCS Parent
The team at CCS is really talented at coming up with new ideas to try, like the animal-themed classes this year - So engaging!
— CCS Parent
The most valuable was it was a combined show of typical and atypical artists. It’s important to have artists with disabilities have a voice and a place to show their work. My daughter was so proud of herself. She went up to total strangers and took them to her work and said this is MINE!!
— CCS Parent