Weekly art classes

Read below to learn about our core programs focused on creative education and expression to enrich the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For the latest updates on exhibitions, new classes, camps, and more, check out CCS Updates.

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at the Pittsburgh center for arts & media

Each week on both Tuesdays and Thursdays, CCS hosts an enriching art class from 4-6 pm at the Pittsburgh Center for Arts & Media. Fall term is September - December, and spring term is January - May.

Every week our adult artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities explore a thematic unit through a variety of visual art mediums. We work on developing an arts practice, communication skills, independent living, fine motor skills, community connections and so much more.

We connect artists with special commission projects and/or find opportunities to exhibit fine art work in local and national gallery shows. When artwork sells, artists are paid for their hard work and creativity.

Interested in learning more about our classes? Please contact us by email or phone to sign up for a free introductory class! Tuition is $25 a month for 4 classes including all materials. This low price is made possibly by a generous grant from a local foundation.


Weekly Ceramics classes

at the union project

CCC: Citizen Clay Collective. A collective designed to teach artists with disabilities about both ceramics production work and the skills needed to sell work in craft-markets. The group works as a team with the common goal of making a cohesive line of unique Wish Dishes — dishes ready for the wish of your choice!

Classes meet every Wednesday throughout the year (except some holidays) from 4-6 pm at the Union Project. Tuition is $30 a month for 4 classes including all materials.

This program is a partnership between Union Project and Creative Citizen Studios. Citizen Clay Collective is made possible thanks to generous support from the PNC Charitable Trusts, Vibrant Pittsburgh, the City of Pittsburgh Community Block Grants and individual donors from both the Union Project and CCS.